About the TPRC

The Trade Policy Research Centre is concerned with realistic solutions to the UK's trading relationships with other entities, especially the European Union.

Mission Statement

The TPRC’s research programme focuses on international trade, in particular on the multilateral trading system, which remains the bedrock for world trade despite the many preferential trade agreements now in place between individual countries or groups of countries.  It has also addressed the widely varying sectoral implications of the UK ceasing to be a full EU member.

With the Eurozone in deepening turmoil few believe the European Union can continue as it is. The UK will therefore soon have an excellent opportunity to push for a more open, flexible and decentralised Europe. But the TPRC believes that to negotiate effectively the UK must openly hold in reserve a credible alternative plan for staying in Europe for trade outside the formal structures of the EU whilst retaining most of the benefits of the Single Market.